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A powerful yet little plant whose plant will certainly fulfill your expectations at the time of year you require it, thanks to its terrific development indoors with an excellent photoperiod. When you get your hands on this sativa dominant marijuana seed, you will certainly be conquered by the flavour of lemon and spices and a refreshing as well as revitalising effect. Within the autoflowering world, there are some selections that function particularly well and also enjoy the approval of the reputable connoisseur. This autoflowering marijuana seed is a reliable choice, an assurance of success for tiny residential crops. It's obviously a fresh lemon flavoured experience, in this case sativa dominant to motivate expert farmers of the category. Learn more about different marijuana strains in our super lemon haze Section on the website.You can appreciate buds throughout the year with Lemon Haze Auto if you can offer her with the light she needs. It's a lovely shrub with resinous buds whose height is reduced to medium, and also it can live happily on a balcony or outdoor patio, or in a corner inside. You will certainly have the ability to harvest the fruits of your labour in record time thanks to its automated condition. The resulting gear is more powerful than it may appear. With a THC degree greater than 18%, it produces a result that lasts for numerous hours and also which can be incredibly strong in high doses for customers who aren't accustomed to it. As an excellent autoflowering range, it's resistant as well as a sure-fire wager. We suggest growing it in springtime or summer if we wish to grow it using all-natural light, as well as preventing transplanting it at any phase to make sure that it expands in the exact same location during. Lemon Haze Auto establishes small, thin fallen leaves as well as mid-distance nodes on a plant whose durable centre has lots of side branches, providing it a bushy look as a result of its moderate stature. The flowers crown this sampling with a whitish colour, the perfect complement for that solid lemon scent that it discharges. As you would certainly expect, Lemon Haze Auto's preference is carefully connected to lemon; however, it's worth stressing that it has nuances of oriental spices as well as an acidic touch in addition to a woody history that comes to be evident. Thick, intense, and really revitalizing as a result of its citrus importance.


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